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Secolo Consulting

Secolo Consulting & Training Services is a privately owned training company which provides Annual, Large Scale and Training Events aimed at a wide variety of executive target markets. Our purpose is to provide our customers the business relationships and innovative skills to do different and better business.

Secolo Consulting & Training Services has a level 4 BBBEE rating.

Our products feature top-notch experts in Project Management; Mining; Human Resources and Skills Development; Finance & Investment; Secretarial; Government and Public Sector; Strategic Management; Maintenance, Manufacturing and Engineering; Energy, Oil and Gas; Legal, IT and Telecommunication; Health Care and Pharmaceuticals; Transport and Infrastructure.

Benefits of Choosing Secolo as Your Preferred Training Provider

  • All our training solutions can be aligned to our clients’ need.
  • All our workshops are supported with high quality materials, designed and written specifically for each and every client.
  • Training and consulting interventions are customised and participatory.
  • We will adapt consulting forms, processes and tools to suit the needs of clients.
  • We conduct local, regional and global research to stay abreast of the challenges and best practices facing organisations.
  • Our programmes ignite enthusiasm and inspire, and they accurately reflect clients’ objectives, culture and climate.
  • We develop your own real life situations into case studies highlighting immediate practical applications, making skill development as natural, beneficial and as useful as possible.

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